Complimentary offers are only eligible when members show their membership cards and follow all the instructions of buying products or using services at MobiFone partners operated places. If members violate following regulations MobiFone can terminate Member tiers without advanced notice

Offers are only applicable when members send right structured text. The dash “_” in syntax text is a space

Offers are invalid to combine with other promotions, discounts, vouchers unless there are other updated notices

The number of nights (applicable for hotels/resorts) or times of service (applicable for Cruising service) are under following conditions: Promotional offer applied after members send text is no more than 07 nights/ month (applicable for hotels/resorts) or no more than 07 times/ month (applicable for Cruising service) counting from the first day to the last day of a month. Other promotional offers depend on partners. If members use more than 07 nights/services, the promotional price will depend on partner terms and conditions

Promotional points earned with MobiFone when using services of partners (if any) are only eligible to exchange for Loyalty program bonus awards and excluded from membership status evaluation

Promotional offers are not eligible to exchange into cash and non-transferable to one member to another under any circumstances.

All information of the program will be informed on MobiFone website

MobiFone takes no responsibility for any product quality, service provided by associated partners

This policy comes into force on 01/01/2018.

·      To earn promotional offers, Members need follow steps below:

Step 1:Members send text from their mobile phone to 9237 to confirm using partner services

*Sample text: LK_Partner text code_Email of members_Note (if any)

 *It is compulsory to use mobile phone number members want to use as evaluation account to send text

*When receives texts from members, 9237 system will reply a text with an activated code. It is 5-digit code: First digit is the tier of member (D - Diamond, G – Gold, T - Titanium) and 4 digits are numbers, ordinal numbers from 0001 to 9999)

*Members will receive a sms an email contains all partner offers (if members provide email addresses)

Step 2: Members must present activated code, ID card, membership cards and other required paper if necessary at the point of reservation, check-in or payment to earn the offers

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