Data amount and high speed transfer, in line with the actual needs of many customers, especially the low cost helps to control charges, short-term data plans are being preferred and selected by many customers.

Customers like short-term data plans of MobiFone

Using mobile Internet is the need of many mobile users. When having 3G, 4G data, users can surf the net, read news, go on social networks, post pictures… But with that said, it does not mean that 100% of subscribers will register data plans with the network. Because they already have Wi-Fi connection while at work, office or home, even when going to restaurants and supermarkets, this service is still provided for free. 

But the disadvantage for these people is when traveling on the road, or to locations without free Wi-Fi service. 

Ms. Thu Giang (Da Nang) is one who likes to update Facebook constantly. Every day, Ms. Thu Giang still uses Wi-Fi at home and her company, even when going out to eat or for coffee, restaurants also have free Wi-Fi, so she does not care for the network’s data plans. However, whenever she travels, time is mostly spent on the car, and at the attractions, Ms. Giang feels quite inconvenient when there is no Wi-Fi to access the Internet on her phone. However, these inconveniences were gone when she learned about MobiFone’s short-term data plan.

“The short-term data plan suits my needs. I will self-balance my time whenever needed to buy by packages in order to use up the amount to avoid it being wasted. If I buy a monthly data plan, it will be quite expensive, because at home or work or going around the city, Wi-Fi is available. Short-term data with high-speed 3G capacity of 7GB but extremely reasonable price,” Ms. Thu Giang said. 

On the other hand, using data plans is also an active way to control spending to avoid being “shocked” when holding bills. Mr. Viet (Hanoi) has a job where he usually goes on business trips several times a month, each lasting for 2-5 days. During non-business trips, he often sits in the office with Wi-Fi available. So, he also does not buy monthly data plans.

“Every time I go on a business trip, I choose a MobiFone short-term data plan of D15 or D30 for VND 15,000 or VND 30,000, which is sufficient. This data is used when I go to remote areas, where it is difficult to have Wi-Fi signal”

Short-term data plan of MobiFone with high-speed capacity

A big advantage of short-term data plans which are getting customers’ attention and selection is the large capacity, high speed and very cheap price. The two most noticed short-term data plans of MobiFone are D15 and D30 with the use periods of 3 days and 7 days, respectively, with high speed capacities of 3GB and 7GB. Compared with other plans, they are not inferior, and meet the users’ needs. 

These plans apply to all eligible MobiFone prepaid and postpaid subscribers. To register, MobiFone subscribers just need to text “DK Plan name” to 999.


D15, D30 plans feature automatic renewal at the end of the cycle

Using up all the preferences of the plan, the system will automatically disconnect

If they want to cancel the plan, customers text “HUY plan name” to 999./.