• VTC Game data are data packages for MobiFone subscribers to access online games of VTC Mobile publisher on mobile phones with Internet connection.
  • These packages enable customers to access and play mobile online games with high quality with unlimited data capacity.
  • Address of wapsite for service introduction:
  • Package registration channels:
  • Stage 1: SMS
  • Stage 2: AVB, USSD and other channels provided by MobiFone (if any).



  • Packages are provided to customers using applications or corresponding wapsites.
  • Scope of application:

Data package


Scope of access

VTC Game Data

iOS, Android

Online games of VTC

  • Time of service provision: From September 5, 2019
  • Target users and conditions for use: Mobifone prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Fast Connect personal, corporate)/Fast Connect Zone/MDT subscribers are NOT INCLUDED.




Package name

Package code

Charges, including VAT (VND)

Period of use

Subscribers’ rights


Daily Package


3,000 VND/24h


  • Unlimited data capacity for accessing services of VCTC providers
    - 200MB out-of-package data for Internet access (on PCRF)
  • To be used with other Mobile Internet/combo packages or M0 package.


Weekly Package


20,000 VND/7 days


  • Unlimited data capacity to access services of VTC providers.
    - 1GB of data for out-of-package Internet access (on PCRF).
    - To be used with other Mobile Internet/combo packages or M0 package.


Monthly package


80,000 VND/month


  • Unlimited data capacity to access services of VTC providers.
  • 3GB of data for out-of-package Internet access (on PCRF).
  • To be used with other Mobile Internet/combo packages or M0 package.






  • The package is only available to customers using mobile services in Vietnam (including roaming to VinaPhone network), not applicable to customers roaming internationally.
  • Customers use the package through mobile phones and tablets (the online game app is installed on Android and iOS from Google Play and Apple International Store). For PC and Laptop equipment, data for access to the package will be charged as data outside the package.
  • The package only supports subscribers using mobile phone to access regulated applications, and does not support access in case browsers access indirectly through third-party servers such as:
  • Browser of Blackberry mobile phones
  • Opera Mini browser
  • UC Browser
  • Other browsers with defaulted or manually set Proxy
  • Note about additional charges arising out-of-package capacity:
  • There is no pop up message to notify customers when the access is outside the domain address or IP address of the package.
  • About 100 kb of additional data per session will be generated when subscribers use social networks such as Facebook and Google+ to login some games or perform social networking activities such as Like and Share.
  • All online games incur charges outside the 100kB data package of data outside the package/30 minutes of gaming due to the integration of Google's Analytic feature (this traffic is not large but currently does not have a fixed IP range).
  • Note about game update:
  • Some games are updated by international stores such as Google Play and Apple Store instead of being updated by game publishers. Customers can access Wifi or have to buy other Mobile Internet packages to update the game and restrict additional out-of-package charge.
  • Some games allow the update as soon as the subscriber accesses the Game, data capacity for the first update is about 10MB - 150MB (once per month).
  • Customers can only register one of VTCM1/VTCM7/VTCM30/VTCM packages.
  • Other provisions:
  • The high-speed data capacity of VTC Game data package is only applicable to IP addresses of game package declared on the system.
  • Syntax to actively renew VTCM1/VTCM7/VTCM30/VTCM packages like normal data packets Text GH<PACKAGE CODE> to 999) is not provided. Instead, to request renewal of the package, Customers can text registration message to 999 (DK<PACKAGE CODE> to 999) (same as registering a new package).
  • For one-way or two-way blocked subscribers, the package will not be renewed. When the subscribers are two-way connected, it will be required to re-register the package
  • Customers should note that some smart phones such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone may actually incur data charges due to applications running in the background.