K + Data is a free unlimited high-speed service for accessing the MyK + TV application. With this service, customers can watch exclusive TV programs and video stores with clear picture quality, excellent content of K + satellite television.

(Note: myK + is a pay-TV application with exclusive content, so customers need to have an account and have purchased K + content packages to use MobiFone's K + data service.)



  • Unlimited access to exclusive, massive content with lots of cool content: Entertainment, Sports, Movie, and thousands of exclusive content.
  • MyK + experience on devices like smartphones, tablets, and other Internet-connected devices.
  • The on-demand video-on-demand feature (VOD), which allows users to actively watch their favorite shows and content whenever they want, instead of tracking them on a fixed time slot of traditional television.




Package’s name

Package’s code

Package’s price included VAT (VND)

Used time

Subscriber benefits


Day Package

KP1 or KP


24 hours

  • Unlimited MyK + access.
  • 150 MB Internet access out of bundle.


Monthly Package



30 x 24h

  • Unlimited MyK + access.
  • 300 MB of unrestricted Internet access.
  • May only be used with MIU, MIU90, MIU120, BMIU, D15A, M70, M90, M120, M200 packages, 4G data plan, Data Plus 4G package and long cycle packages. packages 3, 6, 12 months).


K+ Advance

KP50 or KPA


30 x 24h

  • Unlimited MyK + access.
  • 500 MB of Internet access outside the package.



Sign up via SMS:



Message syntax

Send to


Package registration

< Package’s code > hoặc DK_< Package’s code >



Cancel the package

HUY_ < Package’s code >


No extension of package

KGH_ < Package’s code >


Check the package capacity

KT_ < Package’s code >


Customer proactively renew the package

DK_ < Package’s code >

Hoặc < Package’s code >


Register via wapsite:

  • Wapsite registered package:, follow the instructions as follows:
  • Step 1: Select the package and click "Register Now"
  • Step 2: Confirm the package registration click "Agree"
  • The rules and procedures for registration of the package on the Wapsite apply in accordance with the current regulations on registration of using the package on the Wapsite.

Note: Subscribers need to use MobiFone data to access wapsite to register the package.



  • The package is only available to customers using mobile services in Vietnam (including roaming to VinaPhone), not for international roaming.
  • Customers use the package through mobile phones, tablets (install the application MyK + on Android and iOS applications from the international store Google Play and Apple or visit the website). For PCs, laptops, access to the package will be charged outside the package.
  • Scope of supply includes: MyK + app on Android, iOS
  • Plans only support subscribers who use the phone to access regulated applications, which do not support access in cases where browsers access indirectly via third-party servers such as:
  • Browse the Black Berry phone line
  • Opera Mini Browser
  • Browser UC Browser
  • Other browsers have defaulted or manually set up Proxy
  • When customers switch from the Unlimited package (MIU, MIU90, MIU120, BMIU, D15A, M70, M90, M120, M200 Data Plus packages and long cycle packages - including 3, 6, 12 months) to the capacity limit (M0 / M15 / M25 / M50):
  • If the customer is using the month package KP30: The package is valid until the end of the current cycle. Buffer capacity will not be calculated. End of this cycle, the package can not be renewed and will be canceled.
  • If Customer is using package date and month package KP50: Buffer capacity will be effective.
  • Plans do not support subscribers using BlackBerry models
  • Customers are only allowed to use one of the K + data package (KP1 / KP30 / KP50).