mFilm – helps you watch latest indegious and international movies via mobile devices.



When using mFilm service, you can use following functions:

  • Search, watch your favorite movies by topics
  • Read introduction, watch film trailers
  • Give film to friends, relatives
  • Evaluate, comment on films, etc.




  • Fee for sending message to 9033Free.
  • Data fee (GPRS/EDGE/3G) when using the service: Free. In order to be exempted with data fee when accessing to wapsite, you need to use the default browser of the phone.
  •  Service fee = Subscription fee + Content fee
  • Tariff (VAT included):



Usage period

Subscription fee

Content fee

Automatic renewal







0 Vnd - 5,000 Vnd/time

0 Vnd - 10,000 Vnd/time




1 day

2,000 Vnd/1 day


0 Vnd - 5,000 Vnd/time




7 days

9,000 Vnd/7 days



30 days

19,000 Vnd/30 days



1 day

2,000 Vnd/1 day

0 Vnd - 10,000 Vnd/time



7 days

9,000 Vnd/7 days


  • Fee for registering to get weekly/daily film schedule: Free.
  • Fee for watching, downloading, giving listed films as per turns of purchasing before making transactions.
  • For the default package, you are not required to register but you can watch, download, give films with price as regulated.
  • Service fee will be charged to main account for prepaid subscribers and charged to monthly bill for postpaid subscribers.
  • When registering the package successfully, you  can watch, download, give contents of the respective package in accordance with regulations.
  • After downloading or giving film, subscribers can download or give it again for free within 24 hours since the time of buying that film successfully.
  • VTV, VTV7 packages are completely indipendent with other packages of the service such as PHIM, PHIM7 and PHIM30.


1. Service registration:

You can register the service by one of the two following methods:

  • Via SMS: 
    Write DK PackageName to 9033. For example: DK PHIM to 9033
    Package name : PHIM; PHIM7; PHIM30, VTV, VTV7
  • Via Wapsite:
  • Step 1: From mobile device, access to wapsite
  • Step 2: Select Register
  • Step 3: Select Package you want to register and then confirm.

Via service Application (Client):

  • Step 1: Start the service software (Client).
  • Step 2: Select Register
  • Step 3: Select packages you want to register and then confirm.

2.  Download and install the application:

You can download and install the application by one of the following methods:

  • Via SMS: write TAI to 9033 and follow the instruction..
  • Via service wapsite (for phone models and tablets using Android OS): from phone, access to service wapsite, select Download application and follow the instruction.
  • On AppStore (for phone models and tablets using iOS), on Store (for phone models using Windows 8.0 onward): find mFilm, application, download the application and follow the instruction.

3. Service use:

  •  Via wapsite: implement following steps:
  • Step 1: Use mobile device with GPRS/EDGE/3G connection of MobiFone or wifi to access to service wapsite address . If accessing via wifi, you need to log in with corresponding phone number and password.
  • Step 2: Search to select suitable content
  • Step 3: Click Watch/download/give button on each content.
  • Via service application (Client): you need to follow these steps:
  • Step 1: Launch the software: double click on service icon
  • Step 2: Select GPRS/EDGE/3G acces point of MobiFone or wifi. If accessing via wifi, you need to log in with corresponding phone number and password.
  • Step 3: Main interface of the software appears
  • Step 4: Select contents in interface and implement directly in your phone.
  • Via wifi:

Account for using the service via wifi is phone number, password provided by the system. The password is valid within 24 hours from the moment the system sends SMS. To register password for using the service via wifi, you implement as follows:

  • Select "Access via WiFi" in main menu of client (wap/iOS/Android)
  • Select "SMS" or email
  • Enter phone number (or email) through which you want to receive password
  • Select "Send password via SMS" or email
  • Select Login
  • Via SMS
  • Give the package via SMS: Write TANG PackageName ReceivingNumber to 9033.

For example, TANG PHIM 0903456789 to 9033.

  • Check information on current package : write KT to 9033.
  • To get support via SMS: Write HD/TG/TROGIUP/HELP to 9033.
  • Check tariff of mFilm service: Write GIA to 9033.

4. Service cancellation:

To cancel the service, do one of the following methods:

  • Via SMS:

Write HUY PackageName to 9033. For example HUY PHIM to 9033. Package name: PHIM; PHIM7; PHIM30, VTV, VTV7

  • Via Wapsite:
  • Step 1: Use mobile phone, tablet to access to wapsite
  • Step 2: Select Account/Cancel package
  • Step 3: Confirm cancellation.
  • Via service Application (Client):
  • Step 1: Start the service software (Client).
  • Step 2: SelectAccount/Cancel package
  • Step 3: Confirm cancellation.


1. Target users: MobiFone prepaid and postpaid subscribers who are operating in two directions.

2. Conditions for use:

  • Mobile devices must support GPRS/EDGE/3G or wifi access.
  • Phone, tablet having streaming/downloading video function.

3. Regulations on renewal fee:

  • For PHIM7, VTV5 package:
  • Within 1 period, the system will charge renewal fee with three different levels 9,000Vnd/5,000 Vnd/4,000 Vnd with descending order.
  • Within 1 period of use, when renewing, the total amount being charged successfully is at most equal to price of the package you are using.
  • At the end of each fee cycle, if the remaining amount is not charged fully, the remaining amount will be canceled and the system will continue renewing the service in the next new cycle.
  • In case renewal fee is not charged successfully, the system will continue charging within 30 days. If fee is not charged successfully within this period, subscriber's package will be cancelled and the system will send notice to subscriber.
  • Regulations on sending MT when renewing successfully:
    -  If 9,000 Vnd has been charged, the system will send a notice message to subscriber after renewing for a new period. 
    -  If 9,000 Vnd is not fully charged, the system will not send notice message.
  • For PHIM1, PHIM30 packages:
    • If fee of the first renewal is not charged successfully, you will continue use some service contents for free. At the same time, the system will charge renewal fee for maximum 30 times, each consecutive time by 1 day.
    • If there is one time of charging successfully, the system will finish charging and you can continue using all service contents. The new charging cycle is counted from the most recent time of successful renewal.
    • After 30 consecutive times of retry without success, the system will automatically cancel the service and give notice to you.