One Contact Switchboard is a comprehensive solution of MobiFone, based on mobile network platform, to provide service of mobile switchboard for corporate customers. Enterprise when registering to use the service will be declared some mobile operators (Hotline), to use for all communications related to that enterprise, including both voice and SMS. Each mobile subscriber number of employees will be declared as an extension number to connect to the One Contact switchboard system of that enterprise.

Benefits of service

• No initial investment cost, no system maintenance cost

• Use the mobile number available as switchboard number and extension number

• Free on-net calls (if ext is the subscriber of MobiFone)

• Telephone conference talks, reducing direct meeting

• Save time, optimize costs for enterprises



• Full functionality as a communication switchboard such as internal call, external call outside the enterprise, receives incoming calls from outside.

• Advanced voice features of the mobile operator: Conference Call ext 256, install greetings, manage quotas for each ext calling, call forwarding, missed call notification

• SMS Feature: Send notification message, group message

• Integrated phonebook feature: phonebook of staff and integrated customers can be looked up on service’s website

• Establish a list of call barring