The demand for hotline numbers of customer service from many business is increasing more rapidly than ever, and is now considered a must-have channel for the business to communicate with their customers. In order to meet with such demand, MobiFone has introduced ProConnect Service with hotline dialing code for mobile numbers with over the top utilities at a reasonable cost.


Sales, and particularly speaking – telesales, has become a trend in customer service when they are developed within the fast-grow technology conditions. Call centers and telesales centers are appearing like mushrooms after the rain to satisfy the need of customer service, consultation, and online trading of the businesses. A digitalized world is expanding means that all the service required must be met with immediately and efficiently. However, many businesses, before they can start providing such quality service, are facing the difficulty of choosing a perfectly matched hotline dialing code for their numbers, which must be “good for business” as seen under the feng sui scope, as well as a stable two-way communication line with reasonable cost.


Based on the mobile network platform VoIP, which is considered the most efficient solution currently, MobiFone has released the ProConnect project of Hotline dialogue to provide the businesses with what they need and want. When the business registers for the service, they will be allowed to choose one or more representative numbers for all dialogue connection (call-and-receive) that the business might make at a low cost.


The high quality service for every business provided by MobiFone


The target consumers of this service are businesses with huge demand in using dialogue communication service; banks/financial organizations/Insurance company with customer service call centers, consultancy, sales; et cetera.


It could be said without a doubt that ProConnect is a wholly developed service with all MobiFone dialing code and outstanding features. Cost and charged fee are significantly low, and this is seen as a highly praised factor when the charged fee is calculated by only 440VND per minute (inbound) and 780VND per minute (domestic). The estimated cost saved is as low as 30% only. Being a widely used mobile network carrier throughout the country, ProConnect is completely unlimited geographically, which is important in maintaining stable phone calls with no interruption or disconnection.


ProConnect Service of Hotline dialogue stays connected 24/7 – We support businesses anywhere at any time immediately once we are needed. Your business can easily add more dialing codes as desired, using the mobile hotline numbers as representative numbers instead of landline’s, and there would be no limitation to calls being made in order to increase the productivity of your customer service.


More importantly, ProConnect is easy to be connected by using only internet, and is effortlessly attached to any portal. The installment cost would be reduced and yet the efficiency still remains the same. Any mobile device – smartphones or tablets, can be easily connected to any call from the customers.


For the first operation month, any business that has a request to use the service would be offered a promotion. Please contact 9090 or visit: and for more information.