Last June, Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime has "made the rain" when quickly sold-out at MobiFone stores. In July, MobiFone continues to bring to the other quality products of Samsung. That is Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro.


With the advantages of a leading telecommunication company in Vietnam, MobiFone is the pioneer network in cooperation with major global partners and bring the best products and services to users. Typically, the latest is the collaboration with the largest social network Facebook to develop Facebook Flex and Free Basic services in June. In addition, MobiFone has also stepped up its sales activities through open sales of smartphones at lower prices with many incentives such as the launch of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Combo in every MobiFone retails.


Following the success, while offering opportunities with great incentives for its customers, from 15th July, MobiFone officially launched an acttractive line of smartphones: Samsung J7 Pro. Sale program Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro is applied to all MobiFone subscribers nationwide and customers will be owned combo machine with preferential tariffs of MobiFone.


Accordingly, customers of MobiFone will own the product Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (*) with the price from only VND 3,200,000, including the subscription to MobiFone preferential tariffs. Specifically, you can choose to buy the machine committed to use M12 package in 12 months will be preferential purchase machine for $ 4,250,000. Besides the cost of buying machines, customers need to deposit with the amount of 2.100.000 VND. Customers who bought the machine, committed to use M199 package in 18 months will be entitled to buy the machine with the price of 3,200,000 VND and the deposit value is 3,150,000 VND. As such, MobiFone subscribers can own the original Samsung J7 Pro, has just 300 minutes internal network and 3GB high speed data for monthly use. Moreover, you can also participate in the purchase program without a deposit by signing up for M12 12 months package and own a full set of products at a price of 6.640.000 (including VAT).


The detais of the package and the selling price are shown in the table below:




Mobile Date Packs


Mobile subcribers

New development Pre-paid

New development postpaid


Data packs



(12 months)


(18 months)


Package size/30 days duration





Internal network

200 minutes

300 minutes

300 minutes



1 GB

3 GB

3 GB


Commitment time (month)

Valid time: 12 months




Package price/month (

excluded subscription fee)đ – included VAT





Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Customer price(đ) – included VAT

Price set: 6,640,000*





Customers purchase prepaid handset and register package M12 12 tháng

Customers participate in the purchase program with the commitment package M199 in 12 months.

Customers participate in the purchase program with the commitment package M199 in 18 months.


Deposit level to join the program with the package (đ)





Now on, go to MobiFone stores nationwide to select and own a Samsung J7 Pro or pre-order Samsung J7 online before sold out!


(*) Set includes:

- 01 Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro phone: 6,350,000 VND

- 01 BHM MobiQ 0đ: 50,000 VND

- 240,000 MobiEZ pre-loaded into customer's account to register M12 tariff cycle in the technology (Registered Customer Support Transactions)