On November 7th 2018, Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services One Member Limited Liability Company (MobiFone Corporation) and Viet Nam Railways (VNR) signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in the fields of production and business.


Attending the signing ceremony were Mr. Nguyen Manh Thang, Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of MobiFone Telecom Corporation, Mr. Vu Anh Minh, Chairman of Member Council of Vietnam Railway Corporation, together with the members of the Board of Directors of the Corporation, the guests of the two parties.




According to the cooperation agreement, Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services One Member Limited Liability Company and Viet Nam Railways Corporation agree to cooperate with the main contents as follows:
- In the field of information technology application: MobiFone supports technology, solutions and coordination with VNR in deploying information technology solutions in traffic safety warning at VNR's crossroads; coverage solution on trains, stations of VNR.
- In the field of development of signaling information systems: MobiFone and VNR cooperate, research and deploy the application of modern technology solutions on infrastructure managed by VNR to enhance and improve the quality of services. services of both Parties.
- In the field of communication, advertising: The two sides will work together to promote and promote each other's brands on the products, means and infrastructure managed by each party; Propagate and encourage their partners and employees to use the products and services of the other. Each Party shall design packages of services and adopt incentive policies for its staff, employees and partners of the other Party to encourage the use of its products and services.


The signing of the agreement between MobiFone and Vietnam Railways Corporation is a practical activity in response to the Party and Government's campaign "Vietnamese Priorities in Using Vietnamese Goods" as well as only Leaders of the Central Party Committee of the Central Business Department on priority use of products and services of enterprises in the same block. Accordingly, the cooperation between enterprises in the block will help enterprises to take advantage of the potential advantages of each other, helping to enhance the competitive advantage of domestic enterprises with foreign enterprises.

On the basis of cooperation in the trading and consumption of goods and services, which have a long and good history between the two sides, the comprehensive cooperation will create conditions for MobiFone and VNR to continue to apply. exploiting, using effectively the strengths of facilities, products and services. In particular, the development of the two businesses has many similarities when both MobiFone and VNR were transferred to the State Capital Management Committee from late September 2018. In the new context, with new role and position, MobiFone is moving in the direction of multi-service, promoting the development and application of information technology solutions, digital conversion to catch up the development trend. of the 4.0 technology era in the direction of the Ministry of Information and Communications.



At the signing ceremony, MobiFone Chairman of MobiFone Telecommunication Corporation Nguyen Manh Thang said: MobiFone and VNR are two strong enterprises that have a long-term cooperative process. The strong and well-known symbolic cooperation has become familiar, including the year-end trains connecting North and South with thousands of workers returning home for Tet, organized by MobiFone and the railways. Free support in the program "Lunar New Year - Spring Connection".

We believe that MobiFone and VNR will maximize their advantages and ensure a stable, long-term development with scale, capacity and experience in business operations. long and effective in business activities of both parties. In the future, the two sides will continue exploring, research and continue to propose effective solutions to cooperation and promote strengths in all potential areas of the parties.