Video Data service allows experiencing video on YouTube and FPT Play with mobile devices easily, more economically with higher quality. With this service, customers will be eligible to watch video with high resolution, stable quality and avoid the skip and poor images when watching on mobile phone.



Used to access to YouTube and FPT Play

Scope of provision:

  • YouTube application for Smartphone Android and iOS
  • Mobile page for Android and iOS
  • Mobile page for Windows Phone
  • YT App application on iOS5 (created by Apple)

Target users:

  • Prepaid and postpaid subscribers using two-direction communication of MobiFone network.
  • Not Fast Connect subscribers.



Detail of packages:

Name of service package

Package code

Package price (VND)

Usage period

Outstanding features

Daily package



24 hours

- Maximum 5GB to access 02 pages YouTube and FPT Play 

Monthly package



30 days

- Maximum 15GB to access 02 pages YouTube and FPT Play, to be used with unlimited data pakages

Monthly combo package



30 days

- Maximum 40GB to access 02 pages YouTube and FPT Play 

Charging method:

  • For prepaid subscribers: Fee for registration/renewal of package will be charged immediately when customers register successfully with main account.
  • For postpaid subscribers: registration fee of the package is charged to the fee invoice of the cycle having transactions on registering/renewing the package. If you cancel the package before it expires, you will still have to pay all registration money within the period.
  • Data fee when accessing to address and using services provided by YouTube is completely free such as YouTube App, through browser of the phone. If customers access to address via other browsers (like Opera Mini, browsers of Black Berry models, UC Brower, default browsers or manually setup with Proxy, etc.) will be charged with data fee in accordance with current regulations.
  • Access to YouTube web address via the link embedded in other web pages such as,  … will be charged as with MobiFone YouTube package.

Data fee when accessing to other addresses (including addresses with links located in free web/wap pages of the package but not provided by YouTube or FPT Play): charged as with M0 package (if customers do not register other basic Mobile Internet packages)/or charged to free capacity of basic Mobile Internet package (if customers register two packages at the same time).






SMS syntax

Abbreviated number for receiving requirement


Register the package






Cancel package



Not to renew the package



Check package




In which: “_” is a space when customers write SMS. Service charge: 200Vnd/SMS



Related regulations:

  • Video Data package is only provided for customers who use mobile services in Vietnam (including the case of roaming to VinaPhone network), not for international roaming customers.
  • Video Data package is used with mobile phone only, not with Laptop or PC.
  • Downloading content, images, sound...from YouTube will not be charged out of package. Customers are not required to buy another Mobile Internet package to download data from YouTube
  • Video Data package supports subscribers using mobile phones with browsers that allow direct access to pages, mobile applications of the social network YouTube like, FPT Play, not support indirect browsers of third parties such as:
    • Browsers of Black Berry phone models
    • Opera Mini browser
    • UC Browser
    • Other browsers which have been declared manually by setting Proxy

·         Some services of Google Services such as Google Maps, Play Store, Google Analytics, etc, will be free through Video Data package of MobiFone.

·         The package does not support subscribers who use BlackBerry models

·         Customers can register one among YT1, YT30 or MY packages